The advantages of MORE's milling cutters when milling knee parts

23 August 2022
▶Produce burr-free outer contours. The ability to further extend tool life allows for excellent machining quality when dealing with difficult-to-machine materials.
▶MORE’s custom end mills provide significant machining time savings compared to traditional copy milling strategies.
▶Maximize metal removal rates during roughing and significantly reduce cycle times.
▶Ball nose cutters are available in diameters from 3 mm to 10 mm. High rigidity and extended machining range of the tool.
▶MORE's durable end mills are specially manufactured for machining cobalt-chromium alloys for high metal removal rates and smooth cutting processes.
▶The end mill not only provides good machining quality for the inner wall of the bracket, but also chamfers the edge of the groove, thus achieving an excellent balance of productivity and quality.
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