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If the PCD tools can't be resharpened anymore, let's Retipping,
PCD tools, CBN tools and monocrystal diamond tools are much expensive than carbide tools and HSS tools. It is a waste to throw them away when use them up or tips broken.
We can re-braze a new PCD, CBN or MCD/CVD tip on your used tools by recycling carbide bodies or a running out superhard cutting tools after a few times resharpening.
* A lase cutting machine or an EDM wire cutting machine is used to the cut the tips into proper shape and size at the very first.
* Then we use vacuum brazed machine or high frequency brazed machine to braze the tips on recycling carbide bodies.
* With a PCD/CBN tools grinder, we choose the right diamond grinding wheel to give a solution of getting high precision cutting radius and smooth cutting edge
* After the professional and strict dimension measurement, we package them with new safe box carefully.
* You get a brand-new tool again but with only 50%-60% cost. 
Solid CBN inserts regrinding
MORESUPERHARD will evaluate and recommend all possible regrinding and downsizing for your solid CBN inserts. Save 50% cost by get the most life possible out of your solid CBN tools.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

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