Advantages and disadvantages of indexable tools

02 February 2023

Benefits of using indexable inserts

One of the most significant benefits of using indexable tools is that cutting edges can be updated don’t need remove the tool from the production site.

The renewal just needs to loosen the clamped inserts, rotating or turning the insert (transposing) to a new cutting edge, or installing a brand new inserts to replace the completely worn one.

Unlike turning tools, indexable milling cutter bodies from different tool manufacturers have different inserts shapes and grooves, and users can only purchase milling cutters from the respective tool manufacturers.

Most tool manufacturers can customize off-label indexable forming tools. However, forming milling tools is still an effective method to complete complex shapes, and can improve production efficiency and reduce tool inventory.

In general, parts with steps, arcs, and chamfering features require multiple tools to be machined together. If the combined indexable forming tool is used, the production time, tool inventory and part quality can be shortened.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Disadvantages of indexable inserts

Indexable cutting tools also have disadvantages.

Inserts are usually made of high pressure pressed alloy powder and binder in a mold. After pressing and forming, it is sintered at a high temperature to combine the alloy powder with other materials and make the blade have a certain strength.

The pressed Insert has higher edge strength than the grinding Inserts. Although the Inserts are stronger the cutting edge is not sharp enough, which limits the effective shallow cutting depth and thus makes finishing more difficult.

For a milling tool with more than one Insert, the change in the groove of the blade and the size of the Inserts will cause the cutting edges of the different Inserts to be in different planes. The result is a poor surface finish or obvious leaping joints. In this case, only use another type of tool for fine processing.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


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