Application of ball nose end mill

24 November 2021

Ball nose end mill have rounded tips designed to improve the surface finish of the material being cut. The tool bit of ball nose end milling cutter is similar to ball-head,which used in milling machines for milling various curved surfaces and arc-grooves. Ball nose end milling cutter is also called R cutter. The tool uses a special spherical shape to help extend tool life, as well as improve cutting speed and feed speed.

Ball nose end milling cutter is especially suitable for processing 3D contour shape, widely used in all kinds of curved surface, arc groove processing. Profile milling for high hardness materials up to 70HR and alloy steel, nickel base alloy and titanium alloy.

The smooth geometry of the cutting edge of a ball nose end milling cutter can also be translated into lower cutting forces, resulting in higher strength under pressure and less likelihood of fracture under normal forces. Because of the round edge design, the cutting edge toughness and durability in ball end milling cutter is very high. Ball nose end milling cutter also has high temperature resistance, can maintain cutting performance at 450-550/500-600°.

Ball milling cutter can milling die steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.

How many common types do ball nose end milling cutter have?

1. Straight edge ball nose end milling cutter

straight edge ball nose end mill

2. Spiral groove ball nose end milling cutter

Sprail groove ball nose end mill 

What are the characteristics of ball nose end milling cutter?

1. Suitable for dry and high speed cutting
2. The processing Angle 208º -212 º
3. Excellent surface roughness, and milling efficiency is very high.
4. Support high speed and large feed milling in back milling mode.

milling with ball nose end mill

What should be paid attention to when using ball end milling cutter?

1. When using ball nose end milling cutter, it is recommended to tilt the tool 15°, which can avoid cutting the tool shaft at nearly zero speed when cutting more efficient, but also greatly improve the tool life and reduce the cutting force can make the workpiece has excellent surface roughness and brightness.

2. At the process of deep groove, the ball nose end milling cutter may completely sink. Due to the relatively small chip tolerance groove of the ball end cutter, it is easy to break the cutter when processing sticky materials (such as red copper) at a fast feed speed. Therefore, when using the ball head knife for processing, we should pay attention to chip removal.

3. In the actual processing, the tip of ball nose end milling cutter processing linear velocity is 0, that is to say, the cutting tool is not cutting but grinding, the actual processing, the antifreeze coolant hardly add the cutting area, thus more cutting heat is larger, the tools' service life will decline.

 Moresuperhard PCD ball nose end mill has high hardness and wear resistance, stable performance, long tool life, high cutting efficiency, low cost, can obtain higher surface finish.


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