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06 July 2022

CBN honing stick: grit 230/270. Circularity, outer roundness and surface roughness Rz6.3=Ra1.6 all meet the requirements. The finish reaches about Ra=0.8-1.0.

CBN Honing stick


Honing product specification selection
The particle size selection of diamond honing whetstone is mainly determined by the workpiece material, processing efficiency and smoothness requirements. At present, the particle size range of domestic synthetic diamond honing whetstone is 80#~W5, and 120#~W40 is commonly used.
During several stages of honing, the particle size should not be too far apart, and it should be ensured that the subsequent process can quickly eliminate the wear marks of the previous process.
There are currently three types of binders for diamond honing whetstone, resin, bronze and electroplated metal. Resin bond is used for fine honing with small allowance and high finish; rough honing is generally used for bronze bond, but also for electroplating bond.
The concentration of diamond honing stone is generally 100%
Customer requirements
Purpose of honing
The honing process is a chip machining process used to produce the final functional surface of the drilled hole. In addition to dimensional and shape accuracy, the topology of surface roughness is increasingly showing its importance. This can be an extremely smooth surface or a rough surface morphology with a specified lubricant stock. But even the intersecting machining lines are also of decisive tribological significance.
The function of a honed surface always consists of adhesion, sliding or sealing and guiding. This also constitutes the field of application of honing. The piston sliding surfaces of internal combustion engines either take the form of a single cylinder liner or are located in cast iron, aluminum or iron alloy crankcases with different microporous structures, which are typical workpieces of the honing process.


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