CBN inserts, nickel-based superalloy high-speed turning solutions

10 November 2021

CBN blade CB7014

CBN insert CBN insert

Optimized for nickel-based superalloy engine parts.

The finishing machining of aerospace parts is a challenging process that is performed under the extremely difficult to machine ISO S materials. Nowadays, cemented carbide inserts are usually used for processing at lower cutting speeds.

Using CBN, the surface speed can be increased from the traditional low-parameter line speed of tens of meters to more than 200 m/min, thereby increasing productivity and still maintaining good surface integrity.

Aerospace engine    CB7014

Features and advantages:

* Standard inventory, high-speed turning solutions are specially designed for nickel-based ISO S materials.

* Optimized micro geometry can provide good surface integrity of parts, which is very important for the finishing process of aero engine parts.

* Improve productivity and reduce the cost of individual parts.

Application of CBN blade CB7014:

* CBN inserts optimized for high-speed finishing of nickel-based superalloys.

* Aerospace engine parts, such as turbine discs, blisks, casings, shafts and disc shafts.


---EDITOR: Miya Ma

---POST: Doris Hu

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