CBN tool products and advantages

12 October 2021

CBN (cubic boron nitride) is a kind of hardness is second only to diamond (diamond), is after synthetic diamond, the soft of hexagonal boron nitride (white ink) joined shift catalysts in ultra high temperature and high pressure conditions, is a new type of inorganic superhard materials, in different industries that are widely used in processing.

CBN tool CBN tool

CBN tool:

As the name implies, it is a tool made of CBN material, which is a new tool material developed in the early 1970s. Because the cubic boron nitride can withstand the high temperature of 1300~1500℃, so the CBN tool can under high temperature conditions for high-speed cutting of iron metal without reaction, high processing accuracy, low surface roughness, cutting speed than carbide tool increased 10 times.

CBN tool can be machined after quenching of high hardness and other high hard materials, to achieve the function of turning instead of grinding, do not have grinder small and medium-sized machining enterprises have a significant practical effect. These cutting tools are not only high processing efficiency, but also can avoid grinding produced by the surface burn and surface hard force, greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece.


CBN tool processing

Product Advantages:

1. Intermittent cutting with CBN tool advantage

2. Precision cutting field is famous for its stability

3. HRC62 and above super hard cutting field to dominate the global market

 CBN tool has been widely used in many metal cutting industries because of its excellent characteristics such as high thermal rigidity, high wear resistance and not easy to stick knife. The application scope mainly includes the following difficult-to-process materials: all kinds of hardened steel, such as carbon tool steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, die steel, high-speed steel, etc. Thermal spraying materials, such as Ni based, Fe based two series of products; Wear-resistant cast iron: such as V-Ti cast iron, high phosphorus cast iron and cold cast iron; Titanium alloy and heat resistant alloy and other parts of the workpiece.


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