PCD Grooving Cutter - Case of Piston Processing

20 June 2023
Recently, we received an inquiry from a customer from India who needed PCD groove cutters for machining pistons.
After one-on-one communication between Moresuperhard's professional engineers and customers, we got the following information:
Specifications: 2.05*70L*15*2
Processing material: aluminum
At the same time, the customer provided us with hand-painted drawings:
drawing drawing
Based on the information, we have made clearer CAD drawings and product pictures for customers:
grooving tools
After a series of communication, the customer was very satisfied with our customized service and made a preliminary cooperation with us.
Piston introductionPiston
The piston is made of aluminum with a high silicon content, which is a very wear-resistant material.
Q: Why are the pistons made of aluminum?
A: Because engine components need good wear resistance to have a long service life and light weight to improve efficiency. Therefore, pistons are usually made of aluminum alloy, which is the best all-around material used in general car and motorcycle engines. However, the piston rings (which typically include, from top to bottom, compression rings, wiper rings and oil rings) are made of cast iron or steel.
Q: Why is it recommended to process pistons with PCD grooving cutters, that is to say the advantages of PCD grooving cutters.
▶PCD groove cutters provide the highest metal removal rates for piston applications;
▶PCD groove cutter has high hardness and high thermal conductivity;
▶PCD groove cutters have a low coefficient of friction and a low coefficient of expansion.
MORESUPERHARD provides the best products and services for precision grooving, turning, boring, internal and external facing and chamfering of pistons!
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---POST: Cynthia Lee

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