Diamond micro-diameter end mills help you easily meet various micro-structure processing challenges

28 March 2023

Milling is one of the most widely used metal-cutting methods at present. It refers to the process of cutting metal from the surface of the workpiece under the combined action of the rotation of the milling cutter and the feed motion of the workpiece relative to the milling cutter.


Milling cutter classification
There are many kinds of milling cutters, which can be divided into cylindrical milling cutters, end milling cutters, disc milling cutters, saw blade milling cutters, end mills, keyway milling cutters, angle milling cutters, and form milling cutters according to their use and structure.
Diamond tool
The helical cutting edge on the cylindrical surface of the end mill is the main cutting edge, and the cutting edge on the end face is the secondary cutting edge. End mills can process flat surfaces, stepped surfaces and grooves, etc., and generally cannot do axial feed movement. End mills are used to process three-dimensional shaped surfaces, the end is made into a spherical shape, called a ball end mill. Its spherical cutting edge starts from the axis and is also the main cutting edge, which can do multi-directional feed movement..

Product Description

01. Blade material:
The material of the cutter head can be freely customized according to the needs. Generally, there are ND, MCD, and PCD. Diamond has extremely high hardness and wear resistance. Its microhardness is 10000HV, which is the hardest substance known so far. It has good thermal conductivity, and will not produce large thermal deformation during cutting, which is conducive to precision machining.
02. Applicable machine tools:
The machine tools suitable for diamond micro-diameter end mills are high-speed machining centers (milling machine speeds above 45,000). Precision and ultra-precision machine tools require a highly stable machine tool structure, that is, each component has good dimensional stability, high rigidity, small deformation, and good anti-vibration and vibration-damping performance of the structure.
03. Features:
Processing of various micromechanical parts
Milling of materials such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, electroless nickel, etc.


04. Applications
Micro-diameter milling diamond tools suitable for micro-structure groove processing and precision mechanical parts processing.
Precautions for use
01. Tool specification selection
1. Select matching tool parameters for processed products.
2. Select the tool holder size according to the tool clamping.
02. Tool clamping and wiping
1. When the tool is clamped, handle it with care, and the tool head cannot make contact.
2. Wipe the cutter head with a clean foam stick dipped in industrial alcohol.
3. Put the tool back into the toolbox after disassembly. Do not take out the tool and place it alone to avoid damaging the tool head.
03. Support customization of various styles and sizes.
For processing parameters and processed materials, we tailor the optimal solution tool for you.


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