Do you want to achieve micron-scale chipping?

13 June 2022
The chipping quality of the PCD tool often determines the surface quality of the workpiece processed by the PCD tool. The smaller the chipping, the better the processing quality. If the shipping is too large, the precision workpiece will not be machined. So how do we control the chipping in the process of producing PCD tools?
pcd and pcbn cutting tools
PCD tools are made of pcd blanks after EDM cutting, welding with the toolbar, and then sharpening. The sharpening process is a key process in the production process, which determines the quality and service life of the tools.
Due to the high hardness of the PCD material, Good wear resistance, so sharpening is very difficult.
pcd and pcbn cutting tools
The sharpening process is divided into rough grinding and finishing grinding. Grinding PCD tools usually uses resin, metal or vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels. Resin bond grinding wheels have low grinding efficiency, short service life, frequent dressing and replacement of grinding wheels, and scattered workpiece sizes. The machining quality of the workpiece is unstable. The metal bond grinding wheel has a long grinding life and good quality, but the self-sharpening is poor, easy to block, and generates heat. Dressing is also difficult. The ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel has high grinding efficiency and high hardness, high machining accuracy, long service life, simple dressing and so on. The grinding efficiency is greatly improved, the processing quality is also significantly improved, and the processing cost is doubled.
pcd and pcbn cutting tools
At present, we use the vitrified diamond grinding wheel finishing grinding PCD tool breakage control up to 3μm. This precision makes the cutting edge quality of PCD tools very beautiful
With the continuous trial and update, MORE will strive to seek breakthroughs and provide customers with more excellent PCD tools!


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