Dynamical system -- Engine Cylinder Head

09 September 2020

Dynamical system -- Engine Cylinder Head

PCD cutting tools

PCD Slotting cutter -- Form milling for thrust surface


pcd slotting cutter


1, H-shaped tool design

2, complete the processing with very simple program

3, HSK tool arbor supports high speed & heavy cut

4, G2.5 grade dynamic balance ensures high efficiency cutting and reduce the wear and tear of the spindle

PCD forming reamer for valve guide orifice rough cutting

1, Cross tooth design to solve the vibration issue at big allowance and big large contact surface cutting

2, Replaceable PCD tips decrease your production cost

3, Very high cutting speed improve tools life span and production efficiency


PCD reamer


 PCD forming reamer for injection nozzle finishing

1, Flange shank design reduce the spindle vibration, keeps good processing precision

2, A special treatment to cutting edge and water hole gives tools very good chip removal

3, Characteristics of safety and stable promote your production efficiency.

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