Engineering application of diamond film -For processing zirconia ceramics

10 October 2020

Diamond has many excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as ultra-high hardness, strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

The so-called engineering application is a measure to fully develop these mechanical properties and apply them in various fields of industry.

CVD diamond film has almost the same physical and chemical properties as single crystal diamond, and the production process is relatively simple.

The application of CVD diamond coating technology to deposit the diamond film on the surface of the component substrate to make it have diamond-like properties is very promising. Engineering application projects.


-For processing zirconia ceramics

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Zirconia ceramics have excellent physical and chemical properties and are widely used in aerospace, aviation, national defense, energy and other fields.

For example, in the field of oral restoration, all-ceramic teeth made from it have become a popular product in the market.

It can be well adapted to the tooth work and environment, and its appearance also meets the needs of consumers.

However, due to its high hardness, it is difficult to mill and process, and the complexity and precision required for production are also high.

Therefore, the development of a tool can complete the processing of zirconia ceramics under the requirements of high efficiency, high quality and economy. Very meaningful research topic.


Wang Haiwang and others used the bias-enhanced hot-wire chemical vapor deposition method to deposit three different diamond film coatings on the cemented carbide sheet and the cemented carbide ball end milling cutter, which are micro-diamond film (MCD) and nano-diamond film (NCD). ) And micron nano composite diamond film (MNCD).


Through the friction experiment, it is found that the friction coefficient curves of the three kinds of CVD diamond film coatings and the zirconia ceramic ball are relatively similar.

At the beginning of the friction process, the friction coefficient is relatively large, and then in the process of friction, the friction coefficient gradually decreases, until the friction coefficient becomes relatively stable.

The cemented carbide is different from the first three in that the friction coefficient is relatively small at the beginning of the friction process, and then as the friction process progresses, the friction coefficient gradually increases, but the friction coefficient will become relatively stable in the end.


Through cutting experiments, it is found that the wear of diamond-coated tools is much smaller than that of uncoated tools.

Comparing three different diamond film coatings, diamond particles that have not been polished can still be observed on the surface of the MCD film.

The wear morphology of the NCD and MNCD films are very similar, and the wear amount is not much different, which is smaller than the MCD film.


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