Experimental study on grinding process of cermet milling cutter

07 April 2021

When new materials continue to emerge, and the processing accuracy of traditional materials and processing efficiency requirements continue to improve the process, cemented carbide material milling cutter has been unable to meet the needs of producers, ceramic milling cutter came into being. Cermet milling cutter plays an important role in high speed milling, but in the process of slotting and grinding, there are many problems, such as broken cutter, broken edge and low grinding efficiency, which have seriously troubled the milling cutter manufacturers. In this paper, the above three trouble points in the grinding process of cermet milling cutter for experimental research, basically solve the three problems, to the producer of cermet milling cutter to bring some reference and help.

Experimental conditions:
1. Tool parameters: four edge milling cutter with diameter of 10; Helix Angle 35° blade length 24mm
2. Grinding parameters: grinding wheel linear speed: 18m/s, cutting depth: 1.5mm, cutting speed is adjusted according to the performance of the grinding wheel.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

The experimental results:
After a lot of experiments, under the same grinding depth, the cutting speed is increased to 150, and the grooving processing time is increased from 12 minutes to 5 minutes. And the observation of the edge, no obvious blade collapse phenomenon, since the solution to the ceramic milling cutter slotting grinding process in the broken knife, collapse and low efficiency of the problem.

The grinding rules of cermets are summarized as follows:
1. After all deep grinding, the cutting speed is set according to the equipment power and material characteristics, which is generally half of the cutting speed of grinding carbide milling cutters of the same specifications;
2. The crack is related to the material characteristics of the bar, and can be solved by choosing different granularity;
3. Increase the pressure of cooling oil in the grinding process to improve the cooling effect

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

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