Grinding of PCD Turning Tool

23 June 2022
Classification of commonly used turning tools:
Turning tools are usually divided into cylindrical turning tools, end-face turning tools, cutting tools, inner hole turning tools, forming turning tools and thread turning tools according to their different uses in the processing process.
The function and material of the cutting part of the turning tool:
The cutting part is an important part of the turning tool, and it plays the main role of cutting in the metal cutting process. Therefore, in addition to high hardness, the material of the cutting part also has high heat resistance, wear resistance, sufficient strength, toughness, and good manufacturability.
PCD Turning Tool
Commonly used turning tool materials include PCD, CBN, high-speed steel, cemented carbide and ceramics. Here, the processing of PCD turning tools is mainly analyzed.
PCD has higher hardness & abrasion resistance than other cutting tools. The advantages of these features are: improving the tool’s life, providing better control over the part size and surface finishes, reducing tool cost per machined part, and improving machine productivity.
It can be applied to : Aluminum alloys、copper alloys、manganese alloys
Sintered carbide & ceramics
Green or semi-sintered carbide & ceramics
High-silicon aluminum alloys
Reinforced plastic、hard rubber、carbon、graphite


There are many types of grinding wheels. Usually, the grinding wheel model used for grinding PCD turning tools is 3A1/14A1, and ceramic diamond grinding wheels are often used for grinding. The vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel has a solid grinding force, good shape retention of the grinding wheel during grinding, and high precision of the workpiece after grinding; there are many pores in the grinding wheel, which is conducive to chip removal and heat dissipation during grinding, and is not easy to block and burn the workpiece. The self-sharpening is good, the trimming interval is long, and it is easy to trim.


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