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14 September 2022
Machining characteristics of single stroke honing reamer

single stroke honing reamer

Single stroke honing reamer can process through the hole, blind hole, keyway hole, step hole, and other hole types.
It is widely used in Air Conditioning, Refrigerator Compressor, Engine Injection Pump, Connecting Rod, Forks, Hydraulic Valve Bodies, Valve Sleeves, Air Bearing, Precision Gear, Mold Guide Sleeves, Pistons, Measuring Ring Gauges, and other High-Precision Inner Hole Processing.
Honing reamer machining
Honing reamer is the process of finishing a workpiece surface at a low cutting speed.
This technology can remove not only the large machining allowance but also is an effective machining method to improve dimensional accuracy, geometric shape accuracy, and reduce surface roughness.
Single stroke honing reamer
MORESUPERHARD Honing process has the advantages of high efficiency, good cylindricity, good surface quality, high precision, high dimensional consistency, effortless dressing, strong passability, good finish, and so on.
Single stroke honing reamer
Machining precision
The honing reamer is equipped with reasonable joints, tooling, and machine tools, achieving ultra-high precision of the inner hole.
Cylindricity: 0.001mm, Roundness 0.001mm, Roughness within Ra 0.1, Tolerance 0.002mm.
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---POST: Cynthia Lee


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