How does PCD tool cut the grinding wheel

15 April 2021

PCD tool is a super hard tool material, this tool has excellent wear resistance and thermal conductivity, and the friction coefficient is very low, often non-ferrous metal and its alloy, non-metal and composite materials cutting.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Using PCD tool to cut the grinding wheel

(1) tool: the use of PD blade made into the mechanical clamping tool as shown in the figure below, used for the outer circle, inner hole and end face of the car. It has a longitudinal and transverse front Angle of -10° and a rear Angle of 10°. Round blade is adopted to ensure smooth cutting and no edge breaking of grinding wheel.


 pcd and pcbn cutting toolspcd and pcbn cutting tools

(2) cutting amount: through practice, the cutting amount of PCD tool turning grinding wheel is generally used VC =25~40m/min, AP =4~5mm, F =1~1.5mm/ R.
(3) dust removal: the dust of turning the grinding wheel with a tool is inevitable. When PCD tool is used to cut the grinding wheel, the dust is much lower than the traditional cutter bowl extrusion. In order to prevent dust flying, can use spray mist method. In the early 1980s, PCD tools began to turn the grinding wheel, using the above tool and cutting amount, on the success of the car hole is less than 150mm, 120mm thickness of 50 grinding wheels. The PCD tip wore less than 0.5mm on one side, reflecting the high durability of the tool used to cut grinding wheels.


pcd and pcbn cutting tools

PCD tool selection

According to the PCD particle size / μm to choose can refer to the following content.
PCD particle size >20, can be used for hard alloy and high silicon aluminum alloy cutting;
PCD particle size in 5~15, can be used for aluminum alloy, copper alloy, non-ferrous metal, non-metal (plastic) cutting;
PCD particle size in 1~3, can be used in electronic components, carbon, GFTR and other non-ferrous metal, non-metal precision processing;
The particle size of PCD is 0.5~3, which can be used in the finishing of aluminum alloy.


pcd and pcbn cutting tools

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