How to choose turning tool Angle?

30 October 2021

Reasonable selection of tool geometry can improve the processing conditions, save the processing time, improve the processing efficiency, ensure the quality of the machined workpiece and prolong the service life of the tool. Select the tool Angle from the tool type.


Conventional welding tool

When roughing, it is important to ensure maximum tool life. When finishing, the main consideration is to ensure the machining accuracy and the quality of the machined surface. When the stiffness and power of the machine are insufficient, the tool stress will be sharp (such as increasing the rake Angle and the main deflection Angle, reducing the blunt radius of the cutting edge, etc.), thus reducing the cutting force and vibration.

Welding turning tools:

welding tool

(1) Select a larger value for the finishing of the front Angle, select a smaller value for rough machining; When the plasticity and toughness of the machined material are higher, the forward Angle is larger. When strength and hardness are high, the front Angle is small. The front Angle of brittle and hardened materials is small or negative; Increasing rake Angle reduces cutting deformation and friction. Therefore, it has little effect on the formation of stacking edge, oxide scale, work hardening, etc., but the surface roughness is processed. Low.

(2) The finishing Angle of the rear Angle is larger, and the rough processing is smaller; When cutting plastic metal, the back Angle is larger; The back Angle of brittle metal is smaller, the cutting strength and hardness are higher, the back Angle of material is smaller, and the material with high cutting toughness is easy to adhere. Choose the scraper Angle is larger; For example, high speed steel tools have higher bending strength and toughness, and therefore have larger rake angles. Carbide cutters have smaller front angles.

(3) Reducing the main deflection Angle can reduce the surface roughness height and improve the surface quality while allowing the rigidity of the machining system.

(4) The greater the absolute value of the front Angle, the greater the actual working Angle, the smaller the cutting deformation.

Welding turning tool: simple and compact structure.Good seismic performance, easy to manufacture, flexible use. But the blade is easy to break, the material of the blade and tool rod is not fully utilized.There is welding stress.

Indexable turning tool

With the popularity of NC lathes, the application of indexable turning tools is more and more extensive. Indexable turning tools can be quickly shifted during machining and maintain dimensional stability, and can be quickly replaced when the blade wears out.

Indexable turning tool

indexable insert

(1) The size of the rake Angle directly affects the strength and edge of the blade. Increasing rake Angle can reduce chip deformation, reduce cutting load and prolong tool life. However, if the rake Angle is too large, the cutting edge will be weak and easily broken, thus shortening tool life.

(2) The back corner is used to reduce the conflict between the side and transition profile during cutting. When designing indexable turning tool, it is necessary to consider the back Angle and front Angle as the analysis basis. After selecting the rear Angle of the blade, determine the rear Angle of the blade slot based on the front Angle of the blade.

(3) The main deflection Angle has a great influence on the life of the indexable turning tool. In general, reducing the lead Angle can extend tool life. However, when the rigidity of the workpiece is insufficient, reducing the lead Angle will increase the radial force, which will cause machining vibration and affect the tool life.

(4) After finishing the workpiece, the inclination Angle of the blade is usually set as positive in order to prevent chip flow and scratch the processing contour. In addition, the size of the inclination of the blade also affects the cutting edge.

Indexable turning tool: no welding, re-grinding, good blade performance; High productivity easy to replace, easy to ensure machining accuracy.



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