Case Study of CBN Inserts Machining Aerospace Nickel-Based Alloys (Inconel718 Alloy)

15 July 2022
Case Study of CBN Inserts Machining Aerospace Nickel-Based Alloys (Inconel718 Alloy)
The inserts used by the customer: CNMG120408MS KC5010 /VBMT160408/04 LF KC5010
pcd and pcbn cutting tools  pcd and pcbn cutting tools
The customer wanted to replace the two grades of alloy inserts with CBN blades, and then plated a layer of ceramic coating to process aerospace parts such as nickel-based alloys.
Customer processing conditions: DMG equipment, intermittent roughing, cutting depth 0.5-1mm, processing aerospace parts, the main component of the workpiece is nickel-based 625.
▶CBN inserts are generally good at machining ferrous metals, hardened workpieces like cast iron and hard steel.
▶Because the nickel-based alloy material is relatively sticky, the hardness is not high. In theory, it is not the processing range of CBN inserts.
▶The CBN inserts for processing such materials are not standard inserts, and generally have chip flutes on the inserts.
▶This kind of workpiece will not break the iron chips during processing, and the chip removal problem cannot be solved with conventional inserts.
●CBN and PCD such as nickel-based superalloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel (white iron 316) are not suitable, they will stick to the knife and collapse. If you need to use CBN inserts, you need to coat the inserts. Among them, titanium alloys can be finished with PCD inserts, and MORESUPERHARD also has successful cases.
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