Milling tools for cylinder block and cylinder head

07 September 2020

Milling tools for cylinder block and cylinder head

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

As the driving energy provider, automobile engine is known as the heart of automobile. The processing quality of its components determines whether the engine can output power economically and efficiently to drive the vehicle.

Milling is important in the processing of automobile cylinder head.

1.  Milling process takes a long time, which has a great impact on the production takt time of whole production line.

2.  The consumption of milling inserts is a big cost.

3.  The surface after milling will serve as the positioning reference between two processes, it influences the quality of final product.

4.  The surface after milling is the assembly datum, and surface quality determines the assembly precision and performance of the engine.


For aluminum alloy processing, “More Super Hard” has a PCD face milling cutter which with dense teeth and adjustable holder. The PCD inserts are welded to the holder directly, and the axial runout of each PCD tip can be precisely adjusted through the adjusting mechanism on the holder. The holder is radial fastened on the cutterhead by screw, it takes up little space, realize the purpose of dense teeth design, and improves the processing efficiency. The holder has a dovetail groove that can hold the inserts tightly, inserts won’t be flying out even if the locking screw is damaged during high-speed machining. The cutterhead is made of aviation aluminum alloy, which greatly reduces the weight and improves the stability. And the surface of cutterhead was anodized, that to improve its wear resistance, it is good for working life increasing, Also, cutterhead is designed with internal cooling structure to ensure good cooling and chip removal effect.


Study Case I


Finish face milling for cylinder head

Material of workpiece

Aluminum alloy


PCD milling cutter


φ220mm (22 cutters)

Cutting Speed

Vc = 2,800m/min

Rotate Speed

N = 4,050 rpm

Depth of Cut

Fz = 0.08mm/r


F = 7,130mm/min

Tool Life

12,000 – 16,000 pcs


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Study Case II


Finish face milling for cylinder block

Material of Workpiece

Cast Iron


SEKN1203AFTN-M14, MK1500 (20pcs)

SEEX1203AFTN-MD14, MH1000 (2pcs)

Working allowance


Cutting Speed

Vc = 200m/min

Rotate Speed

N = 255 rpm

Depth of Cut

Fz = 0.15mm/r


F = 765mm/min

Tools Life

300 pcs

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

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