ND diamond tools for Fresnel lens fabricated

30 July 2021

Workpiece name: Fresnel lens

Workpiece material: copper

The maximum corrugation can be within 50 nanometers, and the cutting edge has no chipping edge under 200 times microscope.

 pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Technical requirements:

1. The surface roughness of tool tip and cutting edge is less than 0.01μm.

2. The straightness of the cutting edge is less than 0.01μm, and the front surface and the back surface must be finely ground to meet the requirements. The cutting edge radius is 0.2-0.5μm.

3. The natural diamond is made of South African diamond, and the cutting edge is taken along the direction of the strongest strength of the diamond.

4. Grind the edge and Angle of the diamond after welding.

5. Diamond specification 4X2X2 colorless, transparent, no crack, no impurities; 12 hedral, South African diamond grade D10, Mohs hardness 10.

6. The main cutting edges have no notch under 200 times microscope.

7. The tools’s body material is 45# Steel,HRC40-45.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

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