PCBN blade processing roll case

09 September 2020

Roll cutting tool requirements:


1. High hardness, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance:

The hardness of the roll is generally above HSD55. The PCBN blade BTS2800A material specially developed by Zhengzhou Bot for the roll processing problem uses a ceramic bond and has a high CBN content. The excellent production process ensures the wear resistance, thermal stability and high temperature of the blade Red hardness, can easily process workpieces above HSD55, and it is not easy to cause rapid blade wear or chipping caused by high temperature. Tool life is 3-5 times longer than ceramic tools.


2. Strong impact resistance:

Casting rolls, especially the surface of large rolls, will inevitably have casting defects (such as hard spots, sand inclusions, pores, etc.), conventional tools are prone to chipping, and the impact resistance is poor. Zhengzhou Bot overall PCBN blade BTS2800A material, strong impact resistance, continuous-intermittent processing without chipping or cutting, durability is more than ten times higher than ceramic tools, can replace imported tools, and the blade can be grooved To make the clamping more firm.


3. Large cutting depth:

Roller blank side margin is large, conventional tool depth is small, low efficiency.The maximum cutting depth of the roughing roller of Zhengzhou BOde PCBN blade can reach 1/3 of the cutting edge, with extremely high blank cutting rate;Multi - cutting edge can improve the utilization rate of blade.


4. High efficiency:

The high hardness of the cubic boron nitride at 1200 ° C determines the high cutting speed of the PCBN tool.Zhengzhou BOTT PCBN blade is easy to cut, deep in cutting, high in precision and finish.For example, ZHENGzhoubot BTS2800A PCBN tool processing HSD78 hardness of high nickel-chromium cast iron roll: unilateral cutting depth can reach about 7mm;Cutting capacity 0.8-1.2mm/r.

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