Case - PCD blanks for making PCD micro drills

01 August 2022

Case - PCD blanks for making PCD micro drills

Recently, an Indian cutting tool company approached us for a tool solution,

The customer first gave us a drawing as follows:

 Customer Drawings


PCD micro drill?   We have.

 PCD micro drillsPCD micro drills


▶But the customer said: No, we only need the PCD of the head, no alloy rod.

So we thought he wanted this:

 PCD micro drills


The head of the PCD micro drill?   Of course we have.


▶But the customer said: No.

What I need is this product:

 PCD blanks


PCD Blanks?  We still have!

 PCD blank


According to the customer's application, we think the most suitable PCD blanks are 4.0mm thickness (diamond layer thickness) and 6.0 thickness. These two specifications can meet the needs of the customer to make several different specifications of PCD micro-drill cutters in the drawings.


PCD rough sheet specification:



PCD blank specification



We have everything you want!


---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee
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