Customer case-PCD end mill processing PVC material

21 April 2024
What’s PCD end mill?
PCD tools use synthetic polycrystalline diamond as the tool material.
PCD milling cutters are suitable for processing non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and magnesium, especially copper and aluminum processing, and can achieve a high-gloss surface.
In addition, some of Moresuperhard's customers also use PCD milling cutters as the first choice for processing composite materials such as graphite, carbon fiber, glass fiber, and other non-metallic materials.
Pcd mill
Recently, Moresuperhard received an inquiry for PCD end mills from an Indian customer.
Processing material: PVC
Processing method: dimple milling
Equipment: SPM
Speed: 18000
Maximum depth: 0.6mm
PCD end mill size: diameter 2.6, shank diameter 4, total length 35
Moresuperhard's engineers made drawings (confidential) for the customer. Based on experience and the customer's previous drawings, we improved other data parameters for the customer.
The customer is very satisfied and is currently working on further cooperation.
The uses and characteristics of PVC materials
PVC material is one of the most widely used general plastics and is used in auto parts, packaging materials, construction industry, medical equipment, etc.
For engineering materials such as PVC, the difficulty in processing lies in its poor heat resistance. If the cutting volume is large and the temperature rises, the plastic will melt and the tool will wear.
Secondly, the processed surface will also become rough and the accuracy will deteriorate; And because the plastic material is brittle, it is easily squeezed and cracked.
How to process PVC material?
Choosing the right tool is particularly important when cutting engineering plastics.
The PCD milling cutter has a sharp tip, low cutting force, high stability, a high finish after processing, and a long processing life.
Therefore, PCD milling cutters are the best choice for processing PVC materials.
Moresuperhard has accumulated rich experience in the production and application of PCD milling cutters, PCD drill bits, and other PCD cutting tool products.
Whether you need regular products or customized services, whether you need solutions or reduce costs and increase efficiency, Moresuperhard can meet your needs!
---EDITOR: Erin Zhang/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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