PCD engraving Tool: engraving carbide roller

03 March 2024
PCD engraving ToolsPCD engraving Tool is a high-performance tool specially designed for engraving the surface of rollers.
It uses polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material and can achieve precise engraving on the surface of the roll ring of carbide rolls to meet customers' needs for product identification.
Customers have specific requirements for the size of PCD engraving cutters, including φ4.0*50L*70°*0.3, φ5.0*50L*70°*0.3, φ5.0*50L*90°*0.5, φ6.0*50L*90°*0.5.
Although φ6, φ8, and φ10 sizes are more common and are used for roller ring engraving needs with different groove widths, Moresuperhard can also provide customized φ4 and φ5 sizes according to customers' individual needs.
In addition to PCD engraving Tool, Moresuperhard also provides a series of complete tool solutions for roll machining.
From turning, and grooving to milling, ribbing, engraving, and other different processes, Moresuperhard can provide professional solutions.
Moresuperhard's products include CBN inserts, fully-faced PCD inserts, PCD rotary milling inserts, and diamond engraving cutters. They are also equipped with carbide rotary milling cutters, CBN inserts with hardened turning tool shanks, PCD rotary milling cutter shanks, support blocks, etc.
Moresuperhard is committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions to help them easily deal with various problems in roll processing.
PCD engraving Tool
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