PCD inserts for tungsten carbide rolls turning

14 December 2020

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Tungsten carbide rolls are widely used in rod, wire, re-bar and seamless steel tube production, it greatly improves the production efficiency of rolling mill. The tungsten carbide rolls have very high hardness, and wear-resistance. These characters make it very hard to be processed.


MORE SUPER HARD provides customers a good choice in tungsten carbide rolls turning.

RCGX1207 series PCD inserts gives very smooth cut and finish multiple tungsten carbide rolls’ turning work.


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Compare to CBN inserts, PCD has higher hardness and better wear-resistance. When PCD inserts process very hard material, keep it in a low cutting speed, make full use of its advantages.


pcd and pcbn cutting tools




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