PCD forming composite tool processing aluminum-zinc alloy

06 July 2024
Aluminum and zinc alloys are common metal materials widely used in industry and manufacturing.
Characteristics of aluminum alloy
Aluminum alloy is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, and construction due to its high strength, hardness, and low density. Its lightweight characteristics make it an ideal choice. In addition, aluminum alloy has excellent plasticity and machinability and can manufacture products of various shapes and structures.
Characteristics of zinc alloy
Zinc alloy is known for its low melting point and high flexibility, which makes it easy to form complex shapes and details during processing. Therefore, zinc alloy is often used in mold manufacturing and the production of precision mechanical parts. At the same time, zinc alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used in outdoor equipment, electronic products, and automotive parts.
PCD Cutting Tools
Disadvantages of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy
Although aluminum alloy and zinc alloy have their advantages, they also have some disadvantages. The strength and stiffness of zinc alloy will decrease in high-temperature environments, its processing performance is poor, and cracks and deformation may occur in complex processing. The main disadvantages of aluminum alloys are their relatively low strength, especially their easy softening in high-temperature environments, and their relatively high prices, which increase manufacturing costs.
Advantages of aluminum-zinc alloys
Aluminum-zinc alloys combine the advantages of aluminum alloys and zinc alloys, with good corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance, good conductivity, and beautiful appearance, so they are widely used in industries such as automobiles, electronics, construction, and packaging.
Case of PCD forming composite tools processing aluminum-zinc alloys
PCD forming composite tools
Moresuperhard's Malaysian customers need PCD-forming composite tools to process aluminum-zinc alloys, especially for the automotive industry. This aluminum-zinc alloy has higher strength and durability than other alloys commonly used in the automotive industry.
Advantages of Moresuperhard's PCD tools
Moresuperhard's PCD tools can achieve multi-step, internal, and external special arcs and cross-section processing, thereby achieving the effect of composite forming processing. Select high-quality PCD blade materials and use high-precision forming technology to ensure the shape consistency and surface roughness of the cutting edge, so that all cutting edges show excellent cutting performance under different processing loads. Although tool manufacturing is complex, it can significantly improve processing efficiency and greatly reduce the cost per piece.
PCD cutting tools
Aluminum-zinc alloys have demonstrated excellent performance in many industries, and the use of high-precision PCD-forming composite tools has further improved the processing effect and economy. Choosing the right tools and materials is essential to achieve efficient production.
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