PCD thread milling cutter: Solving the unique challenges of threading aluminum castings

04 January 2024
PCD thread milling cutter: Solving the unique challenges of threading aluminum castings——
Workpiece Information and Existing Challenges
In the realm of thread machining for aluminum castings, we encountered a complex challenge presented by a customer.
The workpiece in question featured a protrusion of 1.6mm at the bottom, requiring careful avoidance during thread machining while simultaneously demanding precise threading on both sides. The tool's top had to conform to the indentation in the workpiece.
However, this design introduced a new problem: insufficient support for the top's threaded edge, leading to a risk of breakage and potential damage to the workpiece.
Workpiece Schematic         The tool originally used by the customer
       Workpiece Schematic                                                         The tool originally used by the customer

Replaceable thread inserts produced by our company

Technical Challenges and Customer Inquiry
Our client came across our PCD thread replaceable blades and inquired about transforming their tools into this design.
After in-depth discussions with our technical team, it became apparent that the customer's tool size was too small, and the top featured a unique indentation, making it impractical to implement a replaceable blade solution.
Consequently, we recommended a design involving integral welding to ensure the structural integrity of the tool.
Our Solutions
Faced with these technical challenges, we proposed two solutions to meet the customer's needs and cost considerations:
1. Hard Alloy Shank Design
To enhance the tool's rigidity and support, we suggested utilizing a hard alloy shank. This material provides superior support, significantly reducing the risk of breakage at the top's threaded edge. However, it's crucial to note that the cost of a hard alloy shank is relatively higher.
2. Steel Shank with Optimized Design
Considering the customer's budget constraints, we also offered the option of manufacturing the tool with a steel shank. In this scenario, our focus shifted to optimizing the tool's design by implementing more detailed processing on the cutting edges to lower the risk of breakage at the top's threaded edge. While this solution doesn't eliminate the risk entirely, it effectively reduces the probability of potential issues.
MoreCuttingTools' Customized Tooling Solutions
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