Piston outer circle finishing processing solution

12 November 2023
A company processes an engine piston with PCD tools.
Currently, the customer is using tools from tool manufacturer A to finish turning the outer circle.
The tool life is short, which affects the processing efficiency. After a period of processing, white marks will appear on the surface of the piston, which is serious. Affects the surface quality of the product.
In addition, the tools provided by tool manufacturer A are unstable during processing and only provide one-time grinding.
The above factors have caused a sudden increase in the production cost of auto parts.
Piston Head
The outer circumferential surface of the workpiece is whitish.
Customers look to us to help them solve these problems.
Our technical department selects the most suitable materials for customers based on the processing conditions provided by customers.
At the same time, we have also conducted research and discussion on the tool design regarding the surface quality of the workpiece.
After analysis, we believe that built-up burrs have formed on the tool surface after processing for a period of time.
Built-up burr will seriously affect the machining results during finishing, so we increase the rake angle of the tool to make the cutting sharper, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of built-up burr.
In addition, in response to customers' requirements for reducing production costs, the tools we designed can be ground multiple times, and better quality ensures the high-cost performance of the tools.
Piston Head
Our cutting tool processing results
According to feedback from a company's test results, the service life of our tools is 35% longer than that of the original tools, the processed surface quality is good and there are no white marks. We design cutting tools according to customer's requirements, and our professional team provides customers with good solutions.
Choose More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd., we will always be by your side to help you meet and overcome any metal-cutting challenge you encounter!
---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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