Processing Solution for PCD Tools

25 January 2021

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Vitrified diamond for PCD & PCBN tools


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Model 6A2, 11V9 can be used to grinding PCD cutting tools, PCBN cutting tools, CVD tools, MCD tools, milling cutter, reamer, drill and regrinding, etc.


Commonly size:

Grain Size

Machining Type


W40(500# D35) W28(D20)


Regrinding a blade edge profile and sharpening of much worn inserts

W20 (800# -1000#, D20)


Standard grain size also can get a high sharpening efficiency, good quality surfaces

W10 (1500# D15A) W7 (2000# D15B)


Finishing grinding - getting a very good quality of machined surfaces

W5 (3000# D7) W3.5 (4000# D3)

Super Finish

Super finish grinding - getting a brilliant quality of machined surfaces


Cylindrical grinding for PCD tools


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Cylindrical diamond grinding wheel is used for PCD reamers grinding. The PCD tools in automotive industry include PCD profile cutters, PCD reamers and PCD milling cutters. It enjoys high grinding power, long working life, good surface quality, strong sharpness, high self-sharpening, good surface finish after grinding. High efficiency, less dressing time, and stable quality.


Peripheral Grinding for PCD CBN indexable inserts


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Mainly used for precise edge grinding of indexable inserts, tungsten carbide inserts, ceramic inserts, CBN inserts.

Materials of workpiece: tungsten carbide, ceramics, metal ceramic PCD/ PCBN inserts, etc.


Compatible Machines of MORESUPERHAD Peripheral Diamond Wheels:



400 Series: 400 PENTA, 400COMBI, 400SEMI, 400PERI.

350 Series: 350T B, 350COMBI

250 Series: PA250

AGATHON 400 PENTA 5-axis insert grinder is a fully automatic grinding center of the latest generation providing increased efficiency for insert production, the wheels used on AGATON are up to 400mm diameter. Which can grind most tool geometries with flexible clamping system. AGATHON laser machine can reduce the PCD processing time when make tool insert rough cutting, which can take place the rough grinding sometimes.


2.  WENDT:

400 Series: WAC715, WAC735

350 Series: WAM336







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