Processing solutions for superalloy materials in the field of civil aviation

19 June 2023
In the civil aviation industry, when processing high-temperature alloy materials, due to the high hardness, good heat resistance, and corrosion resistance of such materials, the cutting temperature and cutting force generated during the processing are relatively large, and it is difficult to pass traditional tool materials and processing methods to solve. 
Therefore, specially designed cutting tools are required to meet the requirements of processing superalloy materials. 
As a professional manufacturer of cutting tools, we have launched ceramic milling cutters, ceramic milling cutter discs, ultra-wide string fine milling cutters, and other cutting tools.
that takes into account stiffness, hardness, toughness, and heat resistance, effectively solving the problem of processing superalloy materials in the civil aviation industry problems in the process.
Ceramic Milling Cutter
Good vibration suppression effect, smooth chip removal, and long service life.
Processing technology and solution introduction
In view of the serious work hardening phenomenon of high-temperature alloys, the use of traditional solid hard tools has low processing efficiency and fast wear, we have introduced a solid ceramic milling cutter to mill high-temperature alloys. 
Studies have found that the strength of superalloys will be significantly reduced in areas where the temperature exceeds 800°C, which makes cutting easier. 
Moresuperhard's integral ceramic milling cutter adopts higher processing parameters and uses cutting heat to process in the range of more than 800°C, so as to realize easier and more efficient processing of high-temperature alloys.
Difficulties in workpiece processing
The phenomenon of work hardening of superalloys is serious, and the processing efficiency of traditional solid hard tools is low, and the tool wears quickly.
Processing method
Ceramic cutting tools are used, and higher processing parameters are used to process superalloys without cutting fluid.
Processing example and conclusion
-Part material: superalloy GH4169
-Machine tool: Hameriga (HSK63 hydraulic tool holder)
-Cooling method: no cooling
-Machining type: side milling
-Tool: ∮12×R1.5-6Z-70
-Cutting parameters: n=13270r/min, F=3600mm/min, ap9mm, ae0.6mm
Product advantages
▶ The tool is made of integral SiAlON ceramics. After the tool wears out, cut off the worn part and continue to grind it;
▶ Has a good vibration suppression effect. According to different purposes, the cutter design is 4 to 6, and the cutter adopts unequal tooth distribution;
▶ The structural form of negative rake angle is adopted to improve the rigidity of the tool tip;
▶ The design of the most suitable spiral groove shape improves the fluency of chip removal;
▶ The tool is processed with higher processing parameters, and the metal removal rate per unit time can reach ten times or even dozens of times that of solid hard tools;
▶ The service life of the tool is several times that of the solid tool.

Ceramic Milling Cutter

Product Description
The processing process is stable, reliable, and efficient. Suitable for processing superalloy materials.
Product advantages
▶ The ceramic blade adopts a sandwich design, the upper and lower sides are made of ceramic material, and the middle is made of hard alloy. Compared with pure ceramic blades, it has higher toughness and impact resistance;
▶ Grooves are set at the center of the upper and lower sides, and the pressing plate can be directly pressed on the hard alloy material, which can use a greater pressing force than pressing pure ceramic blades;
▶ For occasions with high requirements for chip breaking, a chip breaker can be set on the insert.
Ceramic milling cutter
Product Description
High efficiency, high surface quality. Suitable for applications in the mold and civil aviation industry.
Product advantages
▶ Using the latest processing technology and advanced coating technology;
▶ The larger radius exhibited by the tool improves the surface quality;
▶ Larger step distance improves processing efficiency, and the surface quality is good;
▶ less stress on workpiece, tool, and machine;
▶ For profiling in mold making and turbine blade production, replacing ball-nose milling cutters.

---EDITOR: Miya Ma /Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee


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