Reamer applications for finishing and semi-finishing holes

23 June 2021

A reamer with one or more cutters is a rotary tool used to remove a thin layer of metal on the surface of the machined hole. It is mainly used for finishing drilling (or reaming) after the hole, so that the size and shape of the workpiece is more accurate, while improving the machining accuracy of the hole, reduce the surface roughness. Processing allowance is generally very small.

 pcd and pcbn cutting tools


1. The reamer shall not be reversed in the hole during reaming to avoid damage or dullness of the cutting edge.
2. When reaming, stop the machine after the reamer exits the hole to avoid drawing marks on the hole wall. When reaming through the hole, the calibration part of the reamer should not go out of the hole completely, so as not to damage the outlet and make it difficult for the reamer to exit.
3. The dimensional accuracy of reaming holes is affected by the size and surface roughness of reamer, the clamping mode of reamer on the machine tool, the material properties of workpiece and the performance of cutting fluid, etc., so before batch reaming, test reaming should be done first to avoid a large number of scrap of workpiece.
4. After the completion of the reamer, the chips in the chip slot should be cleaned, and then oiled into the sheath to prevent the cutting edge from being damaged.



VMC(vertical machining centre):

 pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Processing products: engine cylinder block

 pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Processing material: HT300

Tool size: D16*L100*6T

 pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Machining parameters: F=80 S=350 L=8mm

Processing life: 5500 holes

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