Requirements for tool performance in ultra-precision cutting

23 March 2023
Requirements for tool performance in ultra-precision cutting
diamond tool
Extremely high hardness, high wear resistance and high elastic modulus to ensure the tool has a long life and high dimensional stability.
The cutting edge can be sharpened extremely, and the radius of the blunt circle of the cutting edge is extremely small, which can realize ultra-thin cutting thickness and is used for ultra-precision machining.
The cutting edge is free of defects, and the shape of the edge will be copied on the machined surface during cutting, which can get an ultra-smooth mirror surface.
Good anti-adhesion with the workpiece material, low chemical affinity, small friction factor, and excellent machined surface integrity can be obtained.
It has good thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, no large thermal deformation will occur during cutting, which is conducive to precision machining.
The above five requirements determine the performance requirements of the tools used in ultra-precision cutting.
Natural single crystal diamond has a series of excellent characteristics, such as extremely high hardness, wear resistance and high strength, good thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient with non-ferrous metals, and can rub sharp cutting edges, etc.
In the early stage of the development of ultra-precision cutting, people equated diamond tool cutting with ultra-precision cutting.Therefore, although it is expensive, it is still considered to be an ideal and irreplaceable ultra-precision cutting tool material. 
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