Rough machining application of PCD tool

01 April 2021

Introduction to rough machining

Coarse owners if the removal of most of the processing surface of the processing allowance, in the permitted range should try to choose a large depth of cutting and feed.Turning processing to ensure both quality and efficiency, compared with the finishing, rough processing is the biggest characteristic of the removal of materials in a certain period of time.Therefore, the level of rough car efficiency greatly affects the level of the whole processing efficiency.In the process of rough turning, the quality of turning tools directly affects the efficiency of rough turning, and the carbide blades and ceramic blades used in the previous processing have not met the production requirements.With the development of superhard materials, PCBN material has excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, wear resistance, can meet the large cutting depth and large feed of rough machining, greatly improving the rough machining efficiency.

pcd and pcbn cutting toolspcd and pcbn cutting tools


Rough machining application of PCBN tool 

Application1: Slurry pump roughing

The workpiece material

High-speed rail (HRC58-62)

Machining parts

In the circle

Tool type and material


Cutting depth AP (mm)


Linear velocity v (m/min)


Feeding f (mm/rev)


Application2: Roller roughing

The workpiece material

High nickel chrome (HRC62)

Machining parts


Tool type and material


Cutting depth AP (mm)


Liner velocity v (m/min)


Feeding f (mm/rev)



pcd and pcbn cutting tools

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