Customer Case - Single crystal diamond tools perfectly process gold jewelry

10 January 2024
Customer Case - Single crystal diamond tools perfectly process gold jewelry
Processing material: 22kt gold
Tools used: MCD cutters
Analysis of customer processing problems:
The customer mainly processes 22kt gold and chose MCD cutting tools for cutting.
However, some problems were discovered after processing, mainly characterized by the presence of texture on the surface and failure to meet the requirements for brightness and smoothness.
Moresuperhard develops solutions:
To solve these problems, Moresuperhard has taken a series of practical measures.
First, we adjusted the grinding angle of the tool to ensure a more precise cutting process.
Secondly, the cutting edge of the tool is micro-processed to improve the quality of the cutting surface and make it smoother.
Gold processing characteristics:
Gold is divided into plain gold and K gold, and K gold includes different purity such as 14k, 18k, and 22kt.
It should be noted that due to the relatively high hardness of K gold, the cutting-edge grinding method of the tools required for its processing is also different compared with that of plain gold.
During the processing process, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the characteristics of different gold materials and choose the most appropriate tool processing method for each gold material.
MCD Tools
Application of advanced technology:
To ensure the stability and support of single-crystal diamond tools, Moresuperhard uses advanced package welding technology.
This technology can not only improve the support force of single crystal diamond tools but also make the tool structure more stable, thereby ensuring the high quality and efficiency of gold jewelry processing.
Through these adjustments and improvements, we are confident that our single crystal diamond cutting tools can better meet the requirements of gold jewelry processing and achieve a higher level of processing results.
Thanks to customers for their trust in Moresuperhard's production technology, Moresuperhard will continue to work hard to provide better services to our customers.
---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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