Some of the most common forms of wear and tear

12 April 2021

Crescent depression wear (chemistry)

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Cause: cutting and blade (tool) front surface contact resulting in crescent depression wear.

Remedy: Slowing down the cutting speed and selecting a blade with the correct groove and a more wear-resistant layer will extend the life of the tool.

Crack (heat)
A crack is a narrow crack through which a new boundary surface is formed. Some cracks are confined to the coating, while others propagate downward to the substrate. Comb cracks are approximately perpendicular to the edge line and are usually thermal cracks.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Cause:  comb cracks are caused by rapid temperature fluctuations.

Remedy: To prevent this, use a tougher blade material and use a lot of coolant or no coolant at all. 

Blade breaking (machinery)
A broken blade consists of minor damage to the edge line. The difference between the broken blade and the broken blade is that the blade can still be used after the broken blade.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Cause: There are many combinations of wear conditions that can lead to chipped edges.But the most common ones are thermal-mechanical and adhesive.

Remedy: Various preventative measures can be taken to minimize chipped edges, depending on the state of wear causing them to occur.

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