What are the causes of blade wear in cutting? How to deal with it?(I)

18 November 2020

What are the causes of blade wear in cutting? How to deal with it?(I)

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Flank wear


1. Rapid wear results in poor or out-of-tolerance surface quality.



* Excessive cutting speed

* Insufficient wear resistance

* Feeding too low



* Reduce cutting speed (VC)

* Choose materials with higher wear resistance

* Raise the feed (fz)


2. Excessive wear leads to short tool life



* Vibration

* Chip recutting

* Burrs form on parts

* Surface poor quality

* generate heat



* Raise feed (FZ)

* Adopt suitable milling

* Use compressed air for effective chip removal

* Check the recommended cutting parameters


3. Uneven wear causes damage to sharp corners



* Tool run out

* Vibration

* Short tool life

* Surface poor quality

* loud noise



* Reduce the runout amount to less than 0.02mm

* Check collet and collet

* Minimize tool overhang

* Use fewer teeth for cutting

* Choose a larger tool diameter

* For solid carbide end mills and replaceable head mills, select groove types with larger helical Angle (GP ≥45°)

* Divide axial depth (AP) into multiple cutting knives

* Reduced feed (FZ)

* Improve tool and workpiece clamping


Crater wear

Excessive wear results in reduced cutting edge strength. A broken cutting edge results in poor surface quality


The cutting temperature of the front blade surface is too high, which leads to diffusion wear



* Choose the alumina coating material

* Choose the groove shape of front Angle blade

* Lower the speed to get a lower temperature, and then lower the feed


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