What is good about PCD cutting tools

05 January 2021

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Diamond tools are divided into natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are what we often call PCD blades. PCD blades have replaced natural diamonds under most working conditions.


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Features of PCD turning inserts:

1. PCD blades comply with ISO international standards.

2. The blade has high wear resistance, high processing accuracy, good thermal conductivity and long service life.

3. The PCD blade is sharp and sharp, which can realize high-speed cutting and cutting of hard materials, with high work efficiency and easy clamping.

4. It can be reused, which helps reduce processing costs.


PCD blade application:

PCD blades can be used in many fields, including aviation, automotive industry, energy equipment, and wood and stone industries. It can be used to cut and process different materials, such as non-ferrous metals, tungsten carbide, ceramics, non-metals and composite materials.


PCD blade processing materials and application fields

Processing material


Non-ferrous metals

Aluminum, aluminum alloy

Pistons, cylinders, wheels, gearboxes, pump bodies, intake pipes and various shell parts of automobiles and motorcycles.

Tanks, shells and compressor parts for aircraft and electromechanical products.

Precision mechanical parts for cameras, photocopiers and measuring instruments.

Pump body and hydraulic press parts.

Copper, copper alloy

Used for shafts, bearing bushes, bearings and pump bodies of internal combustion engines and ships.

Parts of various instruments, generator commutators, printed circuit boards and electronic equipment.

Bearings, bearing bushes, valves and housings.

Tungsten carbide

Sintering such as valve seats and cylinders, as well as semi-finished products.


Various non-ferrous metal parts such as magnesium and zinc.



Hardwood, artificial board, artificial wear-resistant fiberboard.

Reinforced plastic

Glass fiber and carbon fiber


Roller for paper and rubber ring.


Carbon rod.


Sintering such as sealing ring and plunger piston, and sintering of semi-finished products.




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