What is the difference between Honing Reamers and PCD Reamers?

27 May 2022

What is the difference between Honing Reamers and PCD Reamers?


Honing reamer is a particular form of the reamer made by electroplating or sintering process. It has no teeth and uses the "grinding" method to process metal workpieces. Its purpose and usage are the same as those of the reamer.

PCD reamer is a rotary tool with one or more teeth to remove the thin layer of metal on the surface of the machined hole, and a rotary finishing tool with a straight or helical edge for reaming or repairing holes.


In European and American countries, honing reamer is also called single-stroke honing tool. Single stroke honing is also called sequential honing or diamond hinge honing tool, it is a new process of micron precision machining, and can process through holes, blind holes, keyway holes, step holes, and other holes.

In recent years, single-stroke honing technology has been adopted in automobiles, tractors, power machinery, construction machinery, refrigeration machinery, and the aerospace industry.


Advantages of single stroke diamond honing reamer

●After honing, inner hole size consistency is high, cylindricity is very good.

●Hinge honing has the advantages of high efficiency, good surface quality, and high dimensional consistency.

●Stable quality, high precision, long service life.


 What is the difference between Honing Reamers and PCD Reamers


Comparison of Honing Reamers and Conventional Reamers:

(1) The appearance and structure are similar, and the appearance structure of the honing reamer is similar to that of the commonly used PCD reamer.

(2) There is a layer of high-grade diamond abrasive with equal particle size on the outer surface of the honing reamer. During processing, the hole wall is ground by the sharp corners exposed by these abrasive grains. The commonly used carbide reamer and PCD reamer scrape the hole wall with a blade.

(3) The honing reamer has an adjustable reamer. The taper sleeve and the shank of the diamond adjustable reamer are matched with a small taper, and the outer diameter of the reamer can be changed by changing the matching position. The honing reamer adjusts the outer diameter in this way, and the adjustment index can reach the micron level. The commonly used carbide reamer and PCD reamer do not have this function.

(4) The honing reamer can achieve micron-level grinding, and the thinnest honing reamer can remove the allowance within 1 micron.

(5) The honing reamer is ground by diamond, which can process high hardness materials, such as hardened steel, quenched and tempered steel, cast iron, ductile iron, cemented carbide, ceramics, etc.


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