What tool does cast iron process use commonly

26 April 2021

Types and processing characteristics of cast iron
Cast iron according to its classification can be divided into; Grey cast iron, white cast iron, malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron, alloy cast iron and so on. Among them, grey cast iron is widely used in the automotive industry, and the automotive industry is a large demand for CNC tools, so processing plants often have the processing needs of grey cast iron.


What tools are used to process common cast iron

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

This article refers to the common common cast iron is gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and austenitic cast iron, gray cast iron processing performance is better, such as the use of alumina coating cemented carbide milling cutter, mostly competent for the cutting of gray cast iron. Because the graphite content of ductile cast iron affects its processing property, it can generally use economical coated alloy milling cutters made of solid carbide bars. Common cast iron machining tools, economic tungsten steel milling cutter can be competent. Secondly, the high speed steel tool containing cobalt can be used.


What kind of cutting tools are used for hard working cast iron

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


For the time being, we will give only examples of chilled cast iron. Chilled cast iron is a kind of wear resistant cast iron, it because in casting cast iron by accelerating the surface cooling of cast iron, formed a high hardness, high wear resistance characteristics. Chilled cast iron can be divided into ordinary chilled cast iron, nickel-chromium chilled cast iron, high chromium white iron and chromium vanadium white iron.

1) Processing characteristics of chilled cast iron
Cold and hard cast iron has high hardness, brittleness and unit cutting force, and its chip is broken. Because the cutting tip contacts with the cutting edge, the cutting force and cutting heat are concentrated near the cutting edge, which is easy to make the tool wear and damage. Most of the processing parts of chilled cast iron are rough, and the processing allowance is large and uneven, which increases the difficulty of processing cast iron. Of course, there are good solutions for cast iron processing tools, cast iron milling cutters and so on.
2) Chilled cast iron processing tool selection
It is best to choose cutting tool materials with high hardness, good wear resistance and certain strength for processing chilled cast iron. Generally, fine grain or ultra-fine grain YG carbide or alumina ceramic tools are used for coating.
3) the cutting amount of cold cast iron milling cutter
Carbide cutting tools; Low speed and large feed. V= about 9m/min, the feed is generally selected according to the main deflection Angle and the amount of back cutting tool. Cast iron rough machining selection 0.5mm/ R, cast iron finishing selection 0.1~0.4mm/ R.
Ceramic cutting tools; Generally, high speed milling, rough and semi-finished cast iron V=50~80m/min, and finishing V=80~120m/min.



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