Application of natural diamond tools in infrared lens processing

13 June 2024
Natural diamond tools are widely used in various industries due to their unique advantages.
Natural diamond tools are essential in the infrared industry, especially when processing infrared crystal materials.
Processing of infrared crystal materials
Diamond tools are mainly used in the infrared industry to process infrared crystal materials. The main infrared crystal materials include:
- Germanium (Ge)
- Silicon (Si)
- Zinc selenide (ZnSe)
- Chalcogenide glass
The properties of these materials make them widely used in infrared imaging technology.
infrared crystal materials
Infrared thermal imaging technology
Infrared rays are electromagnetic waves with the same basic properties as radio waves and visible light. Infrared thermal imaging technology uses a specific electronic device to convert the temperature distribution on the surface of an object into an image visible to the human eye. It displays the temperature distribution on the surface of the object through different colors. This electronic device is called an infrared thermal imager.
Infrared thermal imaging technology
Application of natural diamond tools in infrared lens processing
Natural diamond tools have significant advantages in infrared lens processing. The applicable lathe is an ultra-precision single-point diamond lathe, which can operate under high temperature and high strength conditions and is suitable for lens processing of infrared materials and colored technical materials. Its application range includes:
- Aerospace
- Car driving recorder
- Semiconductor
- Medical equipment
- Thermal imaging
- Laser
- Various scientific research experiments
Advantages of Moresuperhard's diamond turning tool for infrared lenses
Recently, we received an order from a US customer for natural diamond tools for processing infrared lenses. Moresuperhard's diamond turning tool for infrared lenses has the following advantages:
1. High hardness and wear resistance: long service life, reducing the need for frequent tool replacement.
2. Good high-temperature stability: not easy to fail in a high-temperature environment, ensuring the continuity and stability of processing.
3. Excellent processing surface integrity: extremely smooth processing surface can be obtained, improving product quality.
4. Cutting edge defect-free: can process ultra-smooth mirror surface, ensuring high precision and high quality of products.
Reasons to choose Moresuperhard
Choosing Moresuperhard's infrared lens diamond turning tool can not only help you reduce the number of tool changes and processing costs but also significantly improve cutting quality and processing efficiency. We provide a variety of specifications and models, which can be tailored according to your actual needs to ensure that you get the most suitable product.
Natural diamond tools have irreplaceable advantages in infrared lens processing. Choosing the right tool can not only improve processing efficiency but also significantly improve product quality. Moresuperhard is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance tools to meet the ever-changing market needs.
diamond turning tools
Through the above content, you can better understand the importance of natural diamond tools in infrared lens processing and the advantages of Moresuperhard tools. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.
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