Grinding fluid selection in PCD tools grinding

12 August 2020

Grinding fluid selection in PCD tools grinding

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

The main function of grinding fluid is clean the blocked grinding wheel, wash off the abrasive dust, and cool the grinding area down.

PCD tools grinding is a progress of diamond grind diamond, grinding force is big, grinding wheel wears quickly and the temperature of grinding area is high. In order to avoid the very high heat influence the PCD performance, we need to use grinding fluid to lower the temperature of grinding area, also wash and clean the grinding wheel at the same time, to keep grinding wheel sharp.

For a long time, grinding fluid in PCD tools grinding, people call it “cooling fluid”. But actually, the grinding fluid reduce grinding ability a lot in actual application. It states the grinding fluid also has lubrication in PCD tools grinding.

Because the lubricating property of grinding fluid is strong, it makes PCD removal efficiency decrease rapidly. Thus, we should choose the water-based grinding fluid without lubricating property, but has very good cooling performance.

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