Application of PCD forming tool in brake master pump

12 May 2020

Application of PCD forming tool in brake master pump


Application effect of PCD forming tool

Originally used carbide cutting tools for cutting. The main reasons for the scrap of the tool are sticky chips and wear of the tip. Due to the large cutting force, the machining plane and hole are divided into two tools for processing, low efficiency, fast tool wear and low life, poor surface finish, poor dimensional stability of the workpiece, and frequent replacement Knife and adjustment parameters. Therefore, the tool life is short, and because of the increased time for tool change, commissioning and measurement, the production efficiency is low and the consistency of the product is poor.


After using More Super Hard PCD forming tools, PCD tools have excellent wear resistance, high surface finish and dimensional stability. The machining surface and machining holes are combined into one tool, and the cutting efficiency is doubled. Tool life increased by 4 times. The consistency of product size and stability are greatly improved. While the production efficiency has been greatly improved, the tool cost per unit of output value has been reduced by about 50%.


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