Machining center tool selection principles

12 August 2021

Should be based on the machine tool processing capacity, processing material performance, processing process, cutting dosage and other factors to choose a reasonable tool.

The general principle of cutting tool choice is:

1. Cost-effective tool to choose the most important thing is to see that under the condition of the machine tool to determine, first consider cutting performance of machining workpiece material, reference processing choose lowest price of the cutting tool material performance, improve efficiency, reduce cost, but also easy to install, good rigidity, durability and high precision.

2. Under the premise of meeting the machining requirements, the shorter tool holder is chosen as far as possible to improve the machining rigidity of the tool.

3. In the selection of the tool, should to make the diameter of the tool and the removal of the workpiece to adapt to the plane peripheral contour milling, with the end milling tools.

end milling toolend milling tool

4. Carbide disc milling tools for surface milling

Carbide disc milling tool

 Carbide disc milling tool

5. HSS end milling cutter is used when machining convex table.

HSS end milling cutter  HSS end milling cutter

6. When roughing the blank surface or hole, insert carbide corn milling tools is selected.

insert carbide corn milling tools is selected  insert carbide corn milling tools is selected

7.Vertical body surface and variable bevel profile shape processing, often using ball head tools, annular milling tools, taper milling tools and disc milling tools.

ball head tool annular milling tools taper milling tool    

Sometimes the durability and accuracy of the tool and the tool price relationship is great, the choice of high price of good tools, but good tools to bring processing efficiency and processing quality and will can make the entire processing cost greatly reduced.






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