MT-188 PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder
MT-188 PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder

MT-188 PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder

Standard Accessories:Germany Brand CCD System, High Quality Casting Of Column and Base, Servo Motor, Roller Type Linear Guideway, Automatic Lubricator.



Application Materials: PCD / PCBN, Tungsten carbide, High Speed Steel (HSS)



Spindle Speed

0-6000 rpm/min (50HZ)

Wheel Size


Grinding Pressure



380V/50HZ/3 Phase

Grinding Wheel Inclindtion

-2°~ 24°

Swivel Table Swiveling Angle


Grinding Wheel Oscillation Distance


Grinding Wheel Oscillation Stroke

40 times/min

Grinding Wheel Oscillation Position


Worktable Clamping Size

210*160*4 Slot

Machine Size





  • MT-188 is easy to operate, it can manufacture and regrind insert tools very economically. 

  • Not only grinding cutting tools which is made of PCD / PCBN, but also tungsten carbide and Hss tools.

  • The MT-188 PCD & PCBN Tool Grinding Machine, is a versatile machine, perfectly suited for manufacture and resharpen high-quality tools.


Germany Brand CCD System

The grinding machine equipped with German high-precision camers system and measurement software. The major performance features include: multiple language is available and CAD graphics and geometry in process measurement. Precision and producitiviuty has been greatly improved.


High Quality Casting Of Column and Base

The major machine elements, such as base, table and wheelhead are all analyzed by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to optimize the machine construction. This design performs the best structural dynamics with minimum deformation.

pcd and pcbn cutting toolspcd and pcbn cutting tools

Servo Motor
The brushless servo spindle motor is much better than tradition motors that has the features of smaller, lighter, higher-torque, high-efficiency (2.2KW) and Max. Speed 6000 rpm/min.
Large capacity 100-liter tank with bag filters keep coolant clean for a long time to assure highest quality possible.
Universal work table
The single axis can rotate work table and dual axes can tilt work table for tool’s back angle grinding.
Wheel dresser
The workbench type wheel dresser is equipped with power motor for dressing diamond grinding wheel. The accessory now has the features of compact design, quick setups and reduction of non-cutting idle time.
High precision dividing head
For clamp round tools, the precision ground indexing plate has 24 indexing locations in 15° increments also can fine adjustment the tune the angle. They’re commonly used with NANN precision collet and flange to achieve optimal performance increase.
pcd and pcbn cutting toolspcd and pcbn cutting tools

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