Electric drive coil mounting hole fine boring tool (guide bar)

11 July 2023
-Processing workpiece
New energy vehicle electric drive system motor casing coil installation hole
-Workpiece material
aluminum alloy
-Workpiece Features
Large hole diameter, deep processing part, multi-stage processing requirements
-Workpiece requirements
Aperture accuracy IT6, cylindricity 0.02mm, coaxially 0.02mm, roundness 0.02mm
-Product advantages
▶ Using compound tool design, all processing steps can be completed in one process;
▶ Process optimization, reducing production difficulty and shortening delivery cycle;
▶ After multiple structural optimizations, the total weight of the tool is greatly reduced;
▶ The guide bar structure is adopted to ensure higher precision of the processed holes. At the same time, the four-blade structure is adopted, which is more efficient than the traditional single-blade guide bar boring tool.
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