Electric drive coil mounting hole fine boring tool (welding)

11 July 2023
-Processing workpiece
New energy vehicle electric drive system motor casing coil installation hole
-Workpiece material
aluminum alloy
-Workpiece Features
Large hole diameter, deep processing part, multi-stage processing requirements
-Workpiece requirements
Aperture accuracy IT6, cylindricity 0.02mm, coaxially 0.02mm, roundness 0.02mm
-Product advantages
▶ Adopt welded structure and compound processing of multi-step holes, all processing parts can be processed at one time, and the efficiency is greatly improved;
▶ Built-in shock-absorbing structure, which can effectively suppress the phenomenon of tool vibration during processing and avoid processing abnormalities;
▶ The substrate adopts an integrated structure of steel parts, and the tool has good rigidity.
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