PCBN round Inserts for Machining High Hardness Carbide Rolls

15 July 2023
The PCBN wafers produced by More SuperHard are made of high-quality PCBN raw materials and processed by precision grinding. According to different working conditions, different cutting-edge parameters are designed to better meet customer processing needs.
Generally used for ring groove turning and outer annular groove turning of forged steel, cast iron, and hardness less than HRA85 carbonization tungsten.
According to the different positioning methods of the arbor.PCBN round blades are mainly divided into three structural forms.
1. RN round blade
2. RC round blade - cone
3. RC type round blade- V cone
Product advantages and applications:
(1) Select high-quality PCBN materials with stable quality,
(2) Large cutting volume, strong impact resistance, good wear resistance, and long life.
(3) Using self-developed special machine tools for processing, the product has high precision, stable performance, and high processing efficiency
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