PCD/PCBN small boring cutter for machining rolls

16 July 2023
At present, the processing of rebar rolls and the crescent grooves of the roll ring mostly adopts CNC rotary flying en-graving and milling machines, which are processed by rotary milling technology.
Such processing methods and tools are used for the smaller boring tool (alveolar rotary cutter).
According to different processing materials, More SuperHard has developed two types of small boring cutters with different materials, namely: PCD small boring cutter, and PCBN small boring cutter.
More SuperHard PCD small boring tool has launched two different series of products. In terms of structure, it is divided into two types: integral type and welded type. Generally, when the tool diameter is less than 4.0, it is recommended to use an integral small boring tool. For tool diameters above 4.0, a welded small boring tool is recommended.
Product advantages and applications:
(1)imported high-quality PCD/PCBN materials are used, with stable quality and long service life;
(2) Special research and development by a professional R&D team.
(3) The form is simple and practical, the processing is convenient, and the performance is stable is suitable for milling the inner crescent groove of the ring groove of the high-hardness carbide roll.


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