PCD four-sided engraving tool for machining rolls

16 July 2023
Due to the extremely high hardness of the carbide material, it is particularly difficult to engrave on the surface of carbide.
For this reason,  More SuperHard invested in a diamond tool--PCD four-sided engraving tool.
The PCD four-sided engraving tool can engrave ultra-small and non-standard fonts and patterns on hard alloys and other hard products at high speed. Compared with other tools, it can achieve faster engraving and longer life.
The surface of engraving fonts and patterns is better, and it can also engrave relatively smaller fonts and patterns.
PCD four-sided engraving tool advantages and applications:
(1) Using high-quality PCD materials, stable quality, and long service life
(2) Professional R&D team, adopting multi-blade design, high processing efficiency;
(3) Using high-strength carbide, tungsten carbide bar to enhance the overall strength.
(4) lt is suitable for engraving on high-hardness carbide rolls and the inner grooves of the roll ring.
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