Processing and application of air compressor

21 April 2022

Air compressors, as the main equipment for industrial production of air source power, need to have high reliability, high energy efficiency, low noise, high cleanliness and other qualities. Air compressor is widely used in various industrial production fields, and it is also one of the most common parts in  machining industry.

The most common air compressor material for gray cast iron, the material processing difficulty is not high, hardness is soft, but the processing of surface quality and roughness requirements are relatively high. Compared with traditional carbide cutting tools, using CBN cutting tools to process air compressor parts can not only ensure the dimensional accuracy of parts and a higher level of surface quality, but also improve the processing efficiency.
With the continuous improvement of the overall level of industry and the enhancement of comprehensive strength, air compressor industry will continue to develop rapidly, and the production and processing demand of air compressor is also gradually increasing. How to finish the processing task efficiently and with high quality and quantity is both an opportunity and a challenge for tool enterprises.
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